Layoffs of contractors planned at Dow

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The company is cutting some of those employees as a cost-cutting move.

The Freeport facility employs around 8,500 workers, 2,400 of those are contract workers. Wednesday those contract workers were told they would not have a job December 15, at least for the short term.

"Just go home and we'll call you back when we are ready for you," contract worker Ruben Trevino recalled what he was told by Dow.

The company spokesperson told us the workforce reduction is a direct result of decreased consumer product demand. The cuts start in December and will last until January 5.

Trevino, a pipe fitter, is not confident he will get a call to come back.

"With the economy going so bad and the recession, we don't know what is going to happen," he told us. "Lot of us are concerned. Do we need to sell off our house and move off or try to stick it out? It is going to be tough."

Dow Chemical has 75 plants in the Freeport facility that make a number of products for industries ranging from agriculture to flooring.

The company tells us some plants will close, some will reduce production, while others will remain producing at 100% depending on global demand.

The company says that after January 5 it will reevaluate demand for products and workers. Other Dow facilities were told worldwide that the company is looking at possible cutting measures.

Trevino tells us he will try to get work at a plant nearby.

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