Possible candidate almost burglarized

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/*Gene Locke*/ is a former city attorney and is now is wondering who broke into his southeast Houston home near North Parkwood and Del Rio in South Macgregor Place.

It's the second time in three months people have tried to break into his home.

"This MacGregor area has become a haven for criminals and we are now the target," he told us. "We're literally under siege and this must stop."

Fortunately for Locke, an alarm system scared off the latest intruders but this attorney and possible mayoral candidate is still fuming. He's angry because so many of his neighbors, including Ramon Manning, have also been hit.

"If they're in my house, they're here to do me and my family harm, and I want to deal with them," Manning said.

With his four week old baby daughter in his arms, Manning relived last Saturday night, where after finding two intruders inside his home, he grabbed his gun and fired.

"I came downstairs and reloaded and there was one more intruder in my family room," Manning described. "I went to charge at him and he ran through my home office and out of the house."

The intruders got away and Manning is left with bullet holes on the floor.

Every time he hears another story like that, Locke wonders what else he can do to make all neighborhoods safer.

"I think all Houstonians working together will help to solve the problem," he said. "I think new ideas obviously would be helpful."

Locke believes police officers who work the neighborhood are doing everything they can but residents said they need more help. Homeowners are talking about banning together and protecting each other.

Locke didn't want to elaborate on his future political aspirations. I asked if these break-ins make him want to serve the citizens of Houston more he said yes.

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