Where to find cheaper toys

December 2, 2008 4:29:40 PM PST
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative when it comes to Christmas shopping for toys, you may want to skip the toy store and head to the discount storeWe think of off price stores like Marshalls when it comes to clothes and house wares, but what about toys? We decided to check it out and compare prices.

Sheryl Grimm has many reasons to shop at off price stores.

"For the price difference, from the regular store, the bargains and the variety," she said.

But is there a price difference and can you really get the same toys as the big retailers like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us for less?

At Marshalls we pick up a Thomas the Train set. It's marked $12.99. At Toys R Us the same set is $19.99.

We also find a Barbie Shop and Play Cash Register for $14.99, at Wal-Mart it's $26.88.

A toy elephant is $9.99 at Marshalls, but its $5 more at Target.

On three toys at Marshalls we save almost $24. For shoppers like Barbara Skerrett, it's a savings that makes all the difference.

"We all have to save money, money is going to be very tight, and it's tight now," she said.

We also stopped by TJ Maxx to check out their toy selection. A Little Tikes learning clock is $12.99. We find the exact same clock at the company's website for $19.99. High School Musical dolls normally retail for $19.99. At TJ Maxx, they're $7.99.

We did find a couple of toys that were the same price as the big toy stores. A Darth Vader laptop is $29.99 at TJ Maxx and a penny cheaper at Wal-Mart. A toy hummer is $19.99 both at Marshalls and Target. Skerrett admits while the toys are organized, "It takes a little time to look and find what you want."

A spokesperson with Marshalls tells me while many retailers are cutting back on the economy, their store continues to receive more than ten thousand new items each week.

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