No charges for former DA Rosenthal

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According to Harris County District Attorney /*Kenneth Magidson*/, there is insufficient evidence to seek prosecution. /*Rosenthal*/ resigned the district attorney's seat back in February after his emails were subpoenaed during a civil rights trial. Included in those emails were some sexual and racist content.

Magidson, Rosenthal's replacement, was asked by the state back in April to assist in the investigation into Rosenthal's use of government resources, including his office computer and email.

On Tuesday, Magidson ended that eight-month investigation with a letter to the deputy Texas attorney general for criminal justice.

He states, "After a careful and independent review of this matter, I have determined that there is insufficient evidence for prosecution."

Last month, Republican /*Pat Lykos*/ edged out former Houston Police Chief /*C.O. Bradford*/ for the district attorney position. She takes over at the start of the year as the first female DA in Harris County history.

Read the release about the case from the DA's office

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