Some retailers continue slashing prices

HOUSTON This year, most stores are extending many of their door buster sales through tomorrow.

Everyone was searching for the best price, and while many of the sales rollover through the weekend...

"I didn't want to take a chance and wait until tomorrow," said shopper Brenda Kelly.

Still if you didn't make it out Friday, many retailers are promising big savings beyond Black Friday. At J.C. Penney, some pots and pans are normally $100. The set was on sale Friday for $49.99. But if you wait until Saturday, you'll get another $10 off. A leather jacket that is normally $200 is on special for $50 Friday and Saturday.

Over at Best Buy, most of the specials advertised will be good through Saturday, like a navigation system which is normally $179.99 is on sale for $99. You'll save $500 on a 42 inch flat panel TV and it includes home installation. A computer that normally retails for $625 is on sale for $399.99, and in addition you'll get the computer set up by the pros.

"Actually all throughout of stores customers can still come in through Saturday and still find great deals within the stores," said Sean Richardson with Best Buy.

At Sam's Club, the members only chain has special items on sale and the sale lasts until the items run out. An HD TV that retails for $1,200 is only $798. A designer dress normally sells for $200 at the department store. At Sam's, it's $24.73, while Blu-Ray DVDs that normally retail for $35 are $10.87.

So while many of the special special savings last through the weekend, some shoppers say it's a must to shop on Black Friday.

"It's tradition now, I have done it for ten years in a row," said shopper Andrea Dancy.

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