Marvin Driver addresses the media

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Marvin Driver says he is still recovering from his injuries, but he says he's making progress every day. As to what happened earlier this month, he says his attorney advised him not to reveal too much.

Just five days after being released from the hospital, Marvin talked to the media, offering no details of the alleged assault, only what he says transpired during the arrest.

"I did not resist at any time," he said. "The only thing that I may have had an attitude about was him going into my pocket, removing my money."

Driver was arrested November 17 on outstanding traffic warrants. According to police records, he was taken to the southeast jail, but was sent to the hospital by a jail doctor for being unresponsive.

His family claims while on the way to jail, Driver was driven to a gas station, beaten up and then forced to swallow a substance. While Driver himself wouldn't specifically talk about the allegations, he stands by the claim that something did happen.

"The pain and suffering that I've gone through, my family have gone through definitely, definitely, and I say it again, definitely, cannot be excluded," he said.

The three officers involved in the arrest have all been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation. It's an investigation the Houston Police Officer's Union says it is confident will reveal the officers committed no wrongdoing.

"Some of these people that are making these statements, it's time that they realize that when you defame the good name of a Houston police officer, you're going to be held accountable," said Gary Blankenship with the Houston Police Officers Union.

This is not the first time Driver has told his story. In fact, he says he's already given an official statement to police. The police department reiterates it is conducting a thorough investigation and plans to be completely transparent once the investigation is over.

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