Public outcry over slain deer grows

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All day Wednesday, those who had encountered 'Mr. Buck', as he was affectionately known, have been traveling to the park, while investigators search for whoever was responsible.

It didn't take long for park patrons to show they cared. Someone placed a wreath made out of vines on the fence where visitors would often times encounter the white tailed deer. Flowers were left at another spot along the fence. Melinda Parker was moved to tears.

"I like animals," she said. "What the world did, a bunch of knuckleheads. It's not good."

More than just sad park-goers are outraged. For many of them, the deer was like a family pet.

"You could come up to the fence and he would come up and you could pet his nose and he would lick your fingers," said park patron Elizabeth Carey. "He was just the sweetest deer. He was incredible."

Though it's difficult to explain, the brutal attack on the animal has rocked a community to its core.

"It's just the sickest form of humanity to harm an animal that means so much to people," said park patron Rob Epsey.

While investigators have been inundated with tips, they have yet to find the person who cut their way into the wildlife sanctuary and decapitated the beloved deer, leaving only the carcass behind.

"In my experience, somebody will brag about this or somebody has already bragged about it and I think they underestimated the public outrage over this senseless crime," said Assistant Chief J.J. Lain with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office. "Somebody will come forward with some information."

Anxious park patrons hope he's right.

"The maximum extent of the law, whatever the maximum fine is," said Carey. "I hope they find that person and throw the book at him."

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