Perry warns EPA not to regulate gases

AUSTIN, TX Perry said at a news conference that regulating one of the suspected causes of global warming would be an unnecessary burden on large portions of the economy, including commercial buildings, churches, small farms, hotels, hospitals and large residential homes.

"The EPA is making plans to re-interpret the Federal Clean Air Act in ways that were never contemplated when this law was passed and will cripple the Texas economy," Perry said. "The methods under consideration by the EPA will punish innovation, cost jobs and drive investment out of Texas and overseas."

Perry said other countries would "happily take the jobs and the emissions with them, meaning the federal government will have accomplished nothing expect irreparable cost to our economy."

EPA spokesman Jonathan Shradar said the agency was only taking preliminary steps to consider the regulation of greenhouse gases, disputing Perry's claim that regulations were being proposed.

Cyrus Reed of the Sierra Club said any proposed changes were unlikely to include some sectors of the economy that Perry mentioned, including churches and homes.

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