Assault allegations get more serious

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Marvin Driver, Jr., was taken into custody on Monday for outstanding traffic warrants. But now he's getting better after spending a couple of days in intensive care.

"Harold Hurtt has done the right thing," said Michael Driver, the alleged victim's son. "I do believe at times, America's just system is the best in the world."

As the family of Marvin Driver responded to the reassignment of the three officers, Bacilio Guzman, Gilberto Cruz and Matthew Marin, the allegations against those three men got even harsher Friday.

"He was totally mistreated. He was beaten and driven around for quite some time," said Mary Ann Driver, the alleged victim's sister.

Driver, the father of Green Bay Packer Donald Driver, was arrested on Monday for outstanding traffic warrants. Upon his arrest, police say he was transported to the southeast jail, but was refused because he was unresponsive. Driver's family alleges that while on the way to jail, the officers stopped at a gas station and beat him. They even allege Driver was forced to swallow a substance.

"He says he was forced to swallow something while they held his throat," said Mary Ann.

While the internal investigation is ongoing, the Houston Police Officers Union is standing by the officers. Its president says he's spoken with the man and has seen no evidence to support the allegation.

"I think the investigation will reveal that, number one, Mr. Driver has no injuries related to a beating," said Gary Blankenship with the HPOU. "And number two, the officers were exactly where they said they were and they took him directly out to the jail."

But Driver's family says doctors have indicated to them the 56-year-old did suffer blunt force injuries, however hesitated about sharing any documentation.

"Would the family be willing to turn over any medical records?" we asked.

"No, we can't do that at this time," said Mary Ann.

Family members say they would share records if it would help matters. Driver, meanwhile, remains in good condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

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