Houston doctor's license suspended

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A panel of the Texas Medical Board has temporarily suspended the license of Eli T. Anderson, M.D., of Houston, after determining that Dr. Anderson's continuation in the practice of medicine presents a continuing threat to the public welfare.

The action was based on evidence the board received that Dr. Anderson tested positive for a cocaine metabolite in June 2008, while undergoing drug testing required as a condition of his placement on five years deferred adjudication probation for possession of cocaine, a third degree felony, in Clay County, Texas, in June 2005.

In 2007, Dr. Anderson was again arrested in Lubbock for possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, at the Board's temporary suspension hearing, Dr. Anderson admitted on the judicial record that he had used cocaine since 2002, and that he had used cocaine as recently as November 2008.

The temporary suspension hearing took place Friday, November 14, and the suspension was effective immediately. The length of a temporary suspension order is indefinite and it remains in effect until the board takes further action.

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