More UTMB employees being laid off today

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UTMB officials say they notified 450 employees there that they're being laid off. Many of those people showed up at St. Joseph Medical Center for a one day job fair. Officials at St. Joseph say they've seen significant growth there throughout the last year and they're in need of experienced healthcare providers and support staff.

Right now, they have about 100 positions open across the board and are interviewing people on the spot because they need them to start almost immediately.

"We were going to have a job fair anyway. The coincidence of it happening at the same time as all the UTMB employees being laid off is wonderful for everybody," said Fritz Guthrie with the St. Joseph Medical Center. "I think it'll give them an opportunity to find a good place to be employed and it'll give us some of the help we need."

"Being at UTMB has been a great learning experience. It was a big major deal for me to work there, but it kind of hinders you because you're not out there in other areas," said former UTMB employee Rose Macicek. "I'm hoping that maybe I can get some connections, even a little bit of comfort from other people who have lost their jobs ... and just getting myself out there again. I've worked for the company for 23 years and it's going to be kind of hard with a younger group."

We discovered by talking with several people, most have worked there for a number of years. While priority isn't given to UTMB employees, St. Joseph's hopes to hire as many of those folks as they can.

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