Owner shuts down apartment complex

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Just last month, 23-month-old Conor Rose drowned in the pool at the Vista Bonita Apartments on Tally Ho near the Gulf Freeway in southeast Houston. Police say a damaged fence allowed him access.

The tragedy highlighted dozens and dozens of health and safety violations. The city told the complex to fix them or be shut down. Over the weekend residents got a letter telling them they have just a week to move out.

They are all low income with few options.

"My head is spinning, I've been crying," said resident Karen Williams. "I'm scared because I have four children. I would live on the street, in the woods if I have to, but I have four babies to think about."

In the letter, the landlord promises to refund November rents and safety deposits.

The mayor tells us the city is monitoring the situation to make sure the landlord holds up his end of the bargain.

We wanted to ask the landlord about the situation, but he did not return our calls. In the meantime, residents are meeting with a lawyer to find out their rights.

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