County help requested for new Dynamo stadium

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The rally took place at the proposed site of the new stadium, just east of downtown Houston. The East End Chamber of Commerce and Management District encouraged the county to participate in a tax increment reinvestment zone, or TIRZ, to get a new stadium. The /*Dynamo*/ and several groups say a new stadium would bring in $16.5 million a year, and create 147 new jobs.

"The Dynamo is ready to commit," said Tina Araujo, President of the East Downtown Management District. "That organization is ready to go forward with this project and the city and county are an important part of the success of this project."

Judge Ed Emmett's office told Eyewitness News it's up to commissioners El Franco Lee or Sylvia Garcia to bring the issue before commissioners' court, because the proposed stadium and TIRZ sit in their precincts.

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