Good news for apartment residents

HOUSTON When we saw residents of the La Casita apartments Wednesday, they thought they were going to have to move out because the owner was having credit problems. And as you can imagine, they were furious. Late Thursday night, they received some news.

"Now, I'm happy," said resident Maria Ruiz.

Ruiz is on a high because she just learned her apartment complex, La Cacita, won't be shutting down despite being in foreclosures. But just 24 hours earlier, rumors had residents worried water would be shut off and La Cacita would be closing.

Demanding answers, renters swarmed the manager and his car. Police used assault weapons to calm the crowd, but residents, feeling like their lives were in limbo after paying November's rent, didn't get much sleep last night.

"I was talking to my mom last night and I said, "Mom this is ridiculous. They shouldn't be doing people like this'," said resident Amelia Flores.

But a new day brought new promise. Officers hand-delivered fliers about a meeting with the mayor's office, where worries of losing a home around the holidays were halted.

"At this point, we expect people those people to stay in their apartments," said Pat Trahan with Mayor Bill White's office. "Their power is on. Their water is on."

And now residents can't help but feel hopeful that potential new owners may give some much needed repairs some attention.

"I think our prayers have been answered," said Ruiz.

Trahan says the lien-holder out of Dallas facilitated all of this. After they foreclosed the property, they began putting a new trustee in place. Friday morning, new management is expected to run the property until new owners are found.

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