SPCA seized 79 cats from a home

HOUSTON Officials with the SPCA say years ago, a resident brought home a pregnant cat and never spayed or neutered any of the animals. Now dozens of cats live at the home on Lake Park at Lake Forest alone, with the owner coming by occasionally to feed them.

The cats were left in the home with the windows covered, and only one litter box. Neighbors say the smell has always been horrendous.

"It just comes, the fumes… When the wind is blowing, the fumes come over to my house," said neighbor Virgie Bullard. "You can smell it all across."

Investigators say the owner has been in the hospital for the past three days, and has not been unable to look after the animals. Officials seized 79 cats from the home. The animals will be taken to the SPCA where they will undergo health exams.

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