Students voice thoughts on historic election

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Ten very outspoken students are part the Leadership Academy at Sharpstown. Each one is college bound. All but one supported president-elect Senator Barack Obama. More than half feel race did not play a part in the election.

"We base a lot issues on race, but the truth is both of them are human beings and there is no distinction with that. So whoever gets in the office, they are going to deal with the same problem as the other, so it's all about where there mind is, not the color of their skin," said high school senior Kayla Lee.

"All these cultures that have been the minority and haven't been in TV, movies for generations, it's always been a white dominated culture and slowly but surely, each culture has been rising," said student Claudia Martinez.

And when it comes to what may have cost Senator John McCain the election, many felt his choice of Governor Sarah Palin could have backfired. But at the same time, they feel she will help make it easier for women in the world of politics.

"What girls don't like to shop? Girls like to shop and to me, I feel like she is not respected within the whole election. That is going on due to the fact that she is a woman," said student Christy Ikonne.

"She definitely is going to make it easier for a woman to function. It's just a break in the glass in a way, this is vice president if she would get put into that spot," said student Craig Maddy. "The only office higher than that is the president itself and if anything would have happened to McCain, God forbid, if she were in office, she would be the president. I can't think of a position of power that a woman could be any higher than that."

Those are just some of the opinions these students had.

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