Many line up for last day of early voting

HOUSTON The long lines at polling places have not discouraged many to come out and vote early. Some 590,000 people have voted early in Harris County and more are in line to take care of their civic duty today.

"It's the last day and I have been so busy. I haven't gotten a chance to get out earlier," said voter Ali L'Eveille.

Many got in line before dawn.

"I came out yesterday and it was way out the parking lot so I came by early," said voter Marcus Duffel.

More than 100 people were already waiting at the Multi-Service Center along West Gray and Waugh as the doors opened at 7am.

They came prepared. Larry Mathis brought his hot tea, expecting long lines for the opportunity many consider their duty.

"It's our patriotic duty to be out here and vote and it's something that makes our country great and it's something we should all do if we are informed and if we are up in the issues on the candidates," said Mathis.

This voting location is one of the busiest in Harris County. About 300 people an hour can vote here, but there is still a line.

"(It took) about 40 minutes, not too bad," said voter Debbie Morales.

"One president election, I had to wait like two to three hours and I don't want to go through that again and I want to vote," said voter David Lackey.

There was no line at all at the other side of downtown at the Ripley House and voting machines to spare. Not that the wait is keeping anyone from casting a ballot today.

"I would say it is your civic responsibility and a huge privilege and I want everyone to take advantage of it," said voter Margaret Miller.

The line does wrap halfway around the Multi-Service building and voters told Eyewitness News they are waiting approximately an hour.

For a list of polling locations, click here.

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