Deep discounts offered on home goods

HOUSTON If you are working on a home improvement project you should check out the Texas Home and Garden Show opening Friday, because for the first time they are selling excess builders supplies for pennies on the dollar.

You expect to see home building materials at the Texas Home and Garden Show, but you may be surprised by the fact that this year you can walk out the door with a new a door -- and at a deep discount, too.

Bob Johnson with Premier Remodeling said, "They would probably be about $200 apiece. ... They are very much discounted (for about $50)."

A door that usually costs more than $1,000, but it is being sold for just a couple hundred bucks. Tile squares that normally cost $20 or more are just a buck each. Even brand new sinks, still in the box, that cost $120 can be yours for $20.

The stuff here is the overstocked supply from builders and perfectly good items pulled from homes by remodelers.

"What we are trying to do is take items that are overstocked or have been brought in by different remodelers or builders that they have in stock at the warehouse, bring it and try to have these things at the home show," explained John Gillette of Craftsmanship by John.

Remodeler David Hefner brought in a stack of wrought iron fence.

He said, "Well, we used it for a model home and it wrapped around the model home, but you can use it for a fence, around your backyard or anywhere."

This is the first time builders' excess items have been sold at the show. The proceeds go to charity, but it's hoped the sale items help those in need, too.

Gillette said, "Especially to the people who were hit by the hurricane, there are windows out here, there is every item just about for the home to be able to remodel."

Gillette is responsible for pricing the items.

He said, "There are items out here like the windows we have that run, some of them for $600 or $700 apiece, they will probably go for $50 or $35."

The Texas Home and Garden Show opens Friday. Builders say they will continue to get supplies throughout the three day event. It costs $9 for adults to get in, kids under 12 are free, but there are a few ways to cut the entrance cost.

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