Massive project on Katy Freeway complete

HOUSTON TxDOT will celebrate the completion of the mega Katy Freeway Reconstruction Program Tuesday morning. The project completion is a full month ahead of schedule. The Katy Freeway Construction program was done in about half the time it should have taken. It's the largest freeway reconstruction project of its kind ever completed in the state of Texas.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority will open the new Katy Tollway/Managed Lanes in its initial Phase 1 operations effective 5am, Wednesday, October 29. The facility will open for HOV drivers with two or more people in the vehicle and buses only between the hours of 5am and 11am and 2pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday.

Beginning next spring, authorities hope to get these HOT lanes available to tollway traffic, which was something we heard about in the planning stages. But they first want to get these lanes up and running to the HOV traffic before they make it available for for the tollway traffic. Commuters will have more exits and entrances available, and will be able to travel both east and west.

Drivers along the Katy Corridor will now experience transportation improvements that include:

    (1) A minimum of four continuous through lanes in each direction and as many as eight lanes at key connector, entrance and exit ramp locations,
    (2) Three continuous frontage road lanes with additional lanes for turning movements at key intersections,
    (3) Improved drainage and flood control throughout the corridor, and
    (4) The new Katy Tollway/Managed Lanes which offer two lanes in each direction dedicated for METRO buses and HOV riders, as well as drivers willing to pay a toll.

For more information, please contact the Katy Freeway Public Information Office at 281-589-5924 or visit the Freeway web site

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