Arson suspected in school fire

HOUSTON Firefighters arrived at Tidwell Elementary in northeast Houston after 8pm last night to find smoke pouring out of the building.

This school has been out of operation for some time, so there is no electricity or other services running to the building, which is part of the reason investigators feel the fire may have been set on purpose.

Because of the layout of the school and the amount of smoke the flames created, an additional alarm was called so they could rotate crews while searching the building.

The fire was contained to a small office. While crews were double checking to make sure no one was inside, they found signs that someone may have broken in.

"There's some windows broken out. (We) don't know if that was due to storm damage or vandalism, but the doors were unlocked, so it was unsecured," said District Chief Harold Vaughan with the Houston Fire Department.

The North Forest School district stopped using this building some time ago because of a mold problem. Investigators are set to return at some point to see if they can find more evidence that the fire was set on purpose.

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