Texans player may be in trouble

HOUSTON It began with a report from a TV station in Denver, saying at least 10 and possibly more than 15 players have tested positive for a diuretic that can also be used as a masking agent for steroids and is thus on the league's banned substances list.

Running back Deuce McAllister and defensive end Will Smith of the Saints are the only two names that have surfaced. The Saints are playing the Chargers in London Sunday.

But there are reports that one of the players involved may be a Texans lineman. The player has been described as "not a big name." The Texans, citing the collective bargaining agreement, say they cannot comment.

Whether the substance was used deliberately to cover steroid use or innocently to lose weight, the punishment will be the same -- a 4-game suspension and the everlasting suspicion that they used steroids.

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