Stranger danger warning in Katy

KATY, TX It was last Friday when the man was seen in the Creek Bend Estates subdivision in Katy acting in a bizarre nature, one that was a bit unsettling.

Five-year-old Sara Bissell's mother was one of the first parents to spot the man. She says they watched him has he slowly tried to approach Sara and two of her friends. The girls were walking to their neighborhood bus stop at the time.

"As she was walking towards the sidewalk I just saw, just like this car coming around, and he was just driving very slowly as he approached the girls and seemed to slow down," said Sara's mother, Cindy Bissell.

This man is described as a white male with gray hair and a beard, around 50 years old. He was in an older model two-door white Chrysler that had body damage to the front passenger side.

The man was scared off by Sara's parents when they yelled at him. He did not approach any children but police are not sure that he won't try again, given the strange behavior.

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