Police: Sex fight leads man to kill roommate

HOUSTON Rene Cortez Ramirez, 23, was shot to death at an apartment on Club Creek around 5am Friday. Ramirez suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Israel Tonati Zuniga-Duarte, 22, has been charged with murder. Police say Zuniga-Duarte first called police to report that his roommate, Mr. Ramirez, arrived at their apartment with a gunshot wound. Patrol officers arrived and found Ramirez unresponsive and called for EMS.

Zuniga-Duarte told officers several accounts of what happened between he and Ramirez, then admitted to struggling over a pistol during an argument the two had about sex. At some point during the struggle, Ramirez was shot.

Zuniga-Duarte was taken into custody at the scene.

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