Neighborhoods remain under water

HOUSTON The rain may have stopped, but on Jose Cantu's property near the Beltway and Greens Road in northeast Houston, the water isn't going anywhere.

"Your front yard looks like a pond," we said to him.

"It was actually right at the edge of the door and seeping in through the side," he said.

In fact , getting through his neighborhood required careful driving. Drainage pipes that are supposed to funnel water away are instead clogged with debris.

Tiffany Horn spent all night worrying if the water will get inside her home.

"It was crazy," she said. "It rained and rained and rained and I don't know why it's not draining."

Most of the homes are built on blocks, so the damage was minimal, except for Cantu, who spent the night and the morning cleaning up.

"All the other houses are up on blocks," he told us. "We have another house built in the back. That one's on blocks. We may be moving into that."

A lot of people in the neighborhood are blaming debris left behind by Hurricane Ike for clogging up the drains. And because the drains are clogged, the water is slow to go down.

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