Cheerleader speaks out about hazing incident

KATY, TX Speaking to Good Morning America's Andrea Canning, Courtney Nickell, 15, said she has lingering nightmares. That's because back in July, varsity cheerleaders allegedly snuck into the homes of JV cheerleaders. They reportedly blindfolded the girls, tied them up and then took them to a swimming pool and tossed them into the water.

"I could hear some of the other members yelling, 'I can't swim. I can't swim. Stop. Please don't push me in,'" she said.

"Were your hands still duct taped?" asked Canning.

"Our hands were still bound together and our blindfolds were still on, which terrified me even more," said Nickell. "I didn't know if I was going to come back up and live or if I was not going to make it."

Nickell says it was all part of some cruel initiation. The Katy school district conducted an investigation which resulted in the suspension of all cheerleading activities at Morton Ranch for the entire year.

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