Keep looking good on the cheap

HOUSTON From yoga to high impact aerobics, we have you covered. Free fitness classes are offered everyday in the Houston area.

If you are a new mom and ready to take on high intensity training, you might want to consider the The Stroller Fit Class. It's a mom's work out class offered throughout the Houston area.

Trainer Stephanie Taylor says this class is meant to work out what she calls the mommy muscles, the muscles used and abused during labor, delivery and postpartum day to day care of your baby.

"It's just one big group, you are working together, you are sweating together and your kids are growing up together and it's a big bang for your buck if you will," she said.

The stroller fit class is free the first time. After that the classes cost as little as $2 a session depending on the package you buy.

But if you are looking for a more tranquil exercise, Tai Chi at Discovery Green may be more your speed.

As part of the park's healthy living events, several classes are offered for free throughout the week. Tai Chi is offered every Thursday at noon.

For a more upbeat workout, Discovery Green also hosts their popular Zumba class. It's a Latin dance exercise to Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco and Calypso music.

The instructor promises you'll sweat, you'll sculpt and tone up!

Local businesses are also getting in on free. At Lululemon Athletica in the woodlands, the store offers free Pilates and yoga classes every week.

"It's a new yoga instructor every Tuesday and it keeps it really fresh and you will learn something every time you come in," said Jennifer Syrnyk with the store.

Syrnyk says you don't have to buy anything to take advantage of the free yoga or free Pilates classes and if you want you can show up every week and take the class for free!

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