Local judge no-billed by grand jury

HOUSTON /*April Walker*/, a local municipal judge and law professor at TSU law school, was wrongfully arrested twice by the Harris County Sheriff's Office in six months. Thursday her latest case was tossed out by a grand jury.

"For retaliation for complaining about the first false arrest and they threatened her job and threatened her with further prosecution for even making a complaint," Walker's attorney Lloyd Kelly said.

Walker's first arrest came in January for impersonating a public servant. The charges were dropped when investigators realized she was actually a judge. Walker filed a complaint and joined a civil lawsuit against the Harris County Sheriff's Office for the arrest.

Walker's attorney claims that made her a target for the second arrest on July 2nd.

Deputies say she interfered with an active crimes scene when she arrived to speak with her two sons who were being questioned for trespassing and drug possession. When ordered to back away deputies say she sped off frantically, even running a stop sign.

Thursday a Harris County grand jury no billed Walker on the felony evading charge meaning there was no legal right to arrest her.

Legal analyst Joel Androphy says two false arrests suggest internal problems at the sheriff's office.

"In need of better of discipline, better education and better common sense in determining in what is probable cause to arrest somebody," Androphy said.

And Kelly says Walker's two false arrests highlight a use of intimidation by county law enforcement.

"You complain, they retaliate against you, threaten to put you into jail," he said. "What kind of system is that?"

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