North Shore's record-setter wasn't easy

HOUSTON The North Shore Mustangs were back at practice Wednesday, but no one had forgotten what happened Friday night. With time running out, North Shore and Lufkin were tied at 21 and all 21 North Shore points had been scored by its defense.

"I've never been in a situation before where 21 points we'd scored and the game was tied and on the line, and it all had been scored by the defense," said North Shore Head Coach Dave Aymond.

But now the Mustangs were 85 yards away and if the streak was to continue, the offense had to do something it hadn't done all night -- score.

"I was a little nervous," said North Shore quarterback Alex Tillman. "But I just said to myself, 'Just keep on going. Don't worry about anybody. Just do what you have to do.'"

"When we look at the tape, and we've looked at it very often, there's a different type of effort on that drive for each and every player," said Aymond.

Well, Alex guided the Mustangs 85 yards in 13 plays, completing 4 passes for 61 yards with the last one going to Dean Drew White for the winning touchdown with only 26 seconds left.

Originally, the game that would have set the record would have been against Southlake Carroll. That was before Hurricane Ike, And keep in mind, North Shore and Southlake Carroll were tied with 72 straight regular season wins. So if you have to reschedule a game, why not go for a patsy? North Shore didn't do that. Lufkin had won 27 straight at home.

"I promise you as a football coach, you feel that way, when you're playing a worthy opponent such as them in a tough, tough situation, you feel like you will have earned it," said Aymond.

So now the Mustangs sit alone atop the record books, but this Friday brings another game and the chance for one more win.

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