Playboy Bandit stole cash, not hearts

October 8, 2008 9:02:14 AM PDT
The beefy looking gunman doesn't look like the trim, ascot-wearing Hugh Hefner. But the FBI dubbed him "The Playboy Bandit" after he robbed a suburban Chicago bank while wearing a cap with the distinctive bunny logo. The bank robber is the latest in a rogues gallery of criminals with catchy nicknames. Agents hope their creative names attract attention to the yet unsolved cases.

Other of the FBI's inventive monikers include "The Groucho Bandit" for a bank robber who wear a fake bushy black mustache, and "The Second Hand Bandit" for one that wore old clothes.

The "Playboy Bandit" remains on the loose after taking an undisclosed amount of cash from a Charter One Bank in Alsip last month.

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