Davis 27-24 over Yates

HOUSTON One of the nicest surprises of the season is the way Davis is playing.

No secret to those who follow the Panthers, quarterback John Castillo goes 13-21 for 306 yards and four touchdowns through the air. He hooked up with Patrick Cheniere six times for 141 yards - three went for touchdowns.

Davis Head Coach Chuck Arnold tells me he is accurate, makes good choices and really knows how to read the defense and Castillo likes to spread it around. Last week against Austin, he threw six touchdowns and four went to Jamael Thorne.

And what in the world has happened to Yates? They finished 11-1 last year under Clarence McKinney. He took off to assist Kevin Sumlin at UH. New head coach and longtime Lions assistant Ronald miller takes over and installs the veer which is a run heavy offense. Yates had 55 carries for 256 yards, but didn't get clicking till it was too late. Lions fall to 1-3 and are getting dangerously close to not making the playoffs in as long as I can remember.

All the credit to Davis - 27-24 the final.


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