Interim Harris Co. DA adding 20 new positions

HOUSTON The DA's office is beefing up its staff to help Harris County residents better deal with everything from identity theft to consumer and welfare fraud.

He may just be a temporary custodian, but District Attorney Ken Magidson is making some bold steps in the office while he's on the job.

On Tuesday, he effectively convinced Harris County commissioners to increase his budget by $1.6 million and hire 20 additional people. The district attorney says most of the hires will be used to update records, reduce backlog and streamline the department.

Magidson says he plans to add:

  • 9 imaging clerks
  • 3 assistants
  • 2 assistant DAs
  • 2 investigators
  • 2 computer clerks
  • 1 administrator
  • 1 examiner

    Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says he believes the court approved this because they trust that the DA has the best interest of the department at heart.

    "When he came back and explained it, I think his explanation was a good one, that his job is to put the office in the absolute best shape possible for whoever comes in," said Emmett.

    Magidson is heading out of thef office and will be replaced by either Pat Lykos or C.O. Bradford in January. The new DA can hire and fire whoever they like, including eliminating some of the jobs that were just created.

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