Family remembers Ike victim

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Two weeks after the storm, Herman Mosley's body was found almost five miles from his Gilchrist home. The 48-year-old was known as 'Pee Wee' to everyone.

"I hate to say this, he died where he loved, he was the beach," said the victim's brother James Moseley.

"He was a great dad," his son Thomas Moseley said.

His family says Pee Wee stuck around because he was just six pounds at birth and only grew to around 5'5' as an adult. They say while he was small in stature, but big in heart.

Pee Wee adopted Thomas, "My mother was homeless and he took her in when she was pregnant with me."

The Moseley's had been searching for answers for days following Ike. They only know that Pee Wee wanted to evacuate. He was waiting for a ride then the water got too high.

"My thing is with the mandatory evacuations, enforce it," James said. "Go door to door with military trucks or something and make people go. There's no sense in dying for ignorance. Those who made it congrats you survived another storm, those who didn't we have burials to do."

The Moseley's hope everyone will remember pee wee.

"Just go on with my life, and keep him in my heart, that's about all I can do," Thomas said.

The Moseley's say they would like to meet and thank the game warden who found Pee Wee but they don't know who he is. While it wasn't the outcome they were hoping for, they say they at least have an answer while many more families still wait for one.

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