Boosting spirits on the island

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October 3, 2008 10:46:12 AM PDT
Galveston is showing more signs of progress on the road to recovery from Hurricane Ike. Ball High School is trying to boost spirits with a pep rally ahead of tomorrow's football game. ROAD TO RECOVERY: How you can help | School closings | Person locator | Important phone numbers | Assistance from FEMA | Filing a claim | Latest power numbers

Many of the Galveston ISD schools will be ready to go by next Tuesday, including Ball High School. But many students and staff won't have to wait until then to see each other.

The district has been busy with cleanup since the storm, and staff will be back at the reopening schools today. Ball High School students got the chance to meet for a pep rally for all teams at Spoor Field.

"We're certainly ready and excited to accept our children in the Galveston ISD," said Dyann Polzin with the district.

The next football game for Ball High School has been scheduled for tomorrow, October 4 at Clear Creek ISD's stadium. With questions, call 409-750-0666. Galveston Ball will take on Clear Creek High.

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