Charity helps Ike victims get some sleep

HOUSTON The Ward family had surrounded themselves with mattresses as protection against the raging storm.

"There was trees banging, banging, banging it was horrible," said Willie, 10.

After a sleepless night came an even bigger bang, and the sound of gushing water and falling sheetrock as the bedroom ceiling caved in.

"We just heard something just fell in came in here and everything just fell in all on the beds the dresser and the TV," said mother Donita Ward.

In a flash, water was everywhere, and everything was ruined.

That was almost two weeks ago and ever since the Ward family has been sleeping on the floor. But that's about to change thanks to the angels from Houston Children's Charities.

It's not the first time this charity has delivered beds to families in need. Over the past year they've given out 1,500 beds among other things like furniture, clothes and money for a child in need.

"We've even gone into houses and this is unbelievable where there'll be a drawer a chest of drawers out and the child will be in a chest of drawers and that's unbelievable but statistics show if you take a child off the floor they'll do better in school," said Edna Myer-Nelson of Houston Children's Charity.

Justin, 7, had been sleeping on a bed with holes in it and the springs were sticking out. The charity stepped in to help him and his family recently.

HCC knows that now more than ever with so many losses from the hurricane the need for services will be even greater.

If your kids need beds or if you know a family who does you can apply for free beds at Houston Children's. When you call them at 713-524-2878 you'll need proof of income, ID and birth certificates.

In the sake of full disclosure, Dave Ward's wife Laura, is the executive director of Houston Children's Charity, and is not related to this Ward family. (713) 524-2878

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