Galveston ISD hopes to reopen in two weeks

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The school district suffered a lot of damage on their school buses and as a result, transportation will be a problem.

Forty-five out of 50 of their school buses suffered water damage. Debris was on the seats and the steering wheels, causing a big mess. They have to be looked at and have to be repaired before they can be driven. There are only five buses that were not damaged by Hurricane Ike.

The school district says it will try to borrow busses from other school districts to help get their 7,600 kids to school.

In the meantime, their campuses fared a lot better. Only three campuses out of 13 suffered water damage and for those three campuses, they are using air vents to help dry out those buildings.

"We are just pumping dry, cool air into the building to of course, dry to place out," said Arnold Proctor, Galveston ISD Associate Superintendent.

The target date to reopen the schools within the Galveston school district is on October 6. But the date may be subject to change depending on the bus situation.

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