Belief after the storm

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At Ripley House you'll find the loading of ice and supplies for people who need both. The state and FEMA are supplying those. Volunteers supply their time and labor and that included members of Lakewood Church. Lakewood Church Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen handed out supplies along with their church members helping out at the points of distribution or POD putting faith to work.

"Hopefully in a month or so this is going to pass and things will get back to normal and we can do better things in the days ahead," said Joel Osteen.

"It's amazing what a smile, a handshake or doing a great job and you're going to make it that means a lot," said Victoria Osteen.

At Grace Community Church there was an assembly line operation of loading water and ice in southern Houston. For the record, the church is without power, but the parking lot is full of church members and outreach groups.

"Our motto has been put supplies in their car, a smile on their faith and hope in their heart, that's what we're trying to do," said church volunteer Jeffrey Lowery.

From small churches to large congregations, all faiths are reaching out to strangers across the region. The faiths and denominations may be different, but now that doesn't matter.

"I think that all goes away when you get to this point," said Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church. "The churches work together even if you don't know people, you feel like you've known them forever."

The next days will bring more people in need of ice, water and MRE's. One family we talked to hasn't been to church in three weeks. This event may have changed that.

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