Ike survivors longing for word of loved ones

HOUSTON Tonight, there's a happy ending to one of these stories: Vicki Anderson flagged down an ABC13 news team on the highway near Galveston Wednesday afternoon, as she searched for her son, 21-year-old Corey Short. She hadn't spoken with him since Friday, when he told her he couldn't evacuate, and she couldn't get on the island to look for him.

All Vicki knew is that her son was with about six other people, who all lived on the same road.

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"I just know the storm surge was bad," Anderson said, "I just don't know where to go for help, nobody will help me."

She said she'd tried fire and police officials on Galveston but with no luck.

"I finally got someone with the 211 emergency number to take his information, but that's been several days ago," Anderson said, "and I haven't heard anything from anyone."

"I know you're all doing a really good job," Anderson said of the emergency and rescue officials. "There's a lot of people affected. But I don't think I'm the only person who's missing someone. If you found my son, whether he has his driver's license on him or not... how do you know who to contact? We just need some answers. We have nowhere to go."

Later Wednesday afternoon, authorities let Anderson on the island, and she found her son. His place is gone, but he was okay. ABC13 has set up a section on our website for people to try to reconnect with people they haven't heard from since Hurricane Ike. If there's someone you haven't been able to speak with since Hurricane Ike, post their information here.

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