Lesion removed from Bush's forehead

September 16, 2008 10:50:09 AM PDT
President Bush underwent treatment for a benign lesion over the weekend, leaving a noticeable scab on his forehead as he went about his business on Tuesday. Bush had a common skin lesion, known as a seborrheic keratosis, that looked like a brown spot on his forehead. A dermatologist "froze" the spot over the weekend, a typical procedure that destroys the cells and forms a scab as the skin repairs itself.

The president has had the same type of skin lesion in the past, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said Tuesday.

Bush has had lesions removed before: two noncancerous moles from his left temple in 2007, a precancerous lesion on his left arm in 2006, a noncancerous skin growth on his neck in July 2005, small lesions from his left shoulder and face in 2004, and others from his face in December 2001.

None has been cancerous, but the president has regular checkups to guard against any lesions advancing to a more dangerous stage.

Bush is 62 years old.

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