Galveston getting ready for Gustov

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In Galveston, city officials are telling people to come out and enjoy the Labor Day weekend, but people are also being told to prepare.

Vacationers in Galveston are hoping to get in one more day of fun and sun before Gustov brings bad weather.

The island city was packed Friday as vacationers traveled south to enjoy the sun and surf. The hotels and motels are at an eighty percent occupancy rate.

City officials are waiting until Gustov enters the Gulf of Mexico before there is any call for evacuation, either voluntary or mandatory. In the meantime, both islanders and vacationers say they'll stay as long as they can.

"I was here during Carla and I don't want to live through that again," said resident Taiki Kyprios. "So I'll leave if I have to. There's no need to stay."

If you need help evacuating from Galveston, there is a number you can call. That number is 409-797-3723.

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