West Nile patient to be released from hospital

TOMBALL, TX A mosquito with the virus bit Roy Metcalf last summer. That sent the man in his early 80s to the hospital, where he's been for the past year. Today, he gets to come home to finish his recovery.

The Galveston County mosquito control district is trying to take care of mosquito problems but it says some of that starts at your home.

Officials say to follow the four D's rule.

  • Dusk to dawn, stay indoors. Mosquitoes are out most often at night
  • Dress in long pants and sleeves
  • Use deet or an appropriate substitute mosquito repellent
  • Drain standing water from your property where mosquitoes might lay their eggs
The Galveston County mosquito control district says its working overtime to take care of the problem, spraying scheduled as recently as yesterday by ground, and by air.

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