Dad gets life in prison for toddler's death

HOUSTON After the conviction, Judge Caprice Cosper of the 339th District Court sentenced Andrus to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Evidence showed that Andrus was home alone with India and two-year-old daughter Aja Andrus on Dec. 4, 2006. Thirty minutes after leaving the house, Andrus's wife arrived at work and received a phone call from Andrus, telling her that India was non-responsive. Andrus waited for his wife to arrive home before taking young India to the hospital.

Dr. Sara Doyle of the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office testified that the victim died from massive head trauma, including several skull fractures. Dr. Doyle told jurors the injuries were intentionally inflicted. Andrus had changed his story many times about the cause of the child's injuries.

Prosecutor Murray Newman stated that the jury did the right thing in convicting Andrus. Newman said he appreciated the attention the jurors gave to the trial and witness testimony, acknowledging that the testimony was very disturbing and brutal at times.

"Anyone who has a child would find the autopsy photos very difficult to view," he added.

Local attorney Andrew McGee represented Andrus in the trial, which lasted for almost a week.

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