Deputy makes traffic stop, delivers baby

DALLAS, TX Seconds after Sherman pulled over a speeder on a busy overpass Sunday, he was delivering a healthy baby girl.

"I had two little girls of my own, but was only able to watch. We never train for delivering a baby," Sherman told The Associated Press on Sunday night.

The excitement started when Sherman's vehicle was passed by a speeding car with its hazard lights on. Sherman began pursuit, and the car soon stopped on an interstate overpass, just above another interstate. As Sherman approached the passenger side of the vehicle, he saw that a woman was already giving birth and he was forced to "kind of kick it into gear."

Sherman said he isn't sure how he knew what to do, but perhaps recalled videos he watched when his wife was pregnant.

"I saw it was now or never, and told her she was going to have to start pushing. I just kept encouraging her to push," he said. "...The mom was as collected as she could have been."

The baby was wrapped in some towels and blankets to keep warm, and the child's father, who had been driving the car, found some speaker wire in which to wrap the umbilical cord. Paramedics soon arrived and took over.

Kemia Mendoza, who was taken to Baylor Medical Center, weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was doing well. Mother Danielle Dansby and father Derek Mendoza, both 20, were also fine, Sherman said.

Dansby told Dallas television station WFAA that when she saw the officer she said, "Pull over. Pull over. He might can help us and sure enough he did." She said she thought the deputy would just escort them to the hospital, but "he just told us to do everything right there in the car."

The deputy said the experience is something he will never forget.

"That's something that's going to stick with me longer than any bad stories I could take home any day," he said.

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