Man shot to death in broad daylight

HOUSTON The victim was shot multiple times while right outside his apartment. The body remained uncovered in the street for hours during the investigation.

Eyewitnesses say a green Ford F-150 pulled up outside one of the apartments here shortly after 3pm Sunday and the driver honked the horn. Police say there then was some sort of fight between the man in that truck and the man who came out of the apartment.

Eyewitnesses heard three or four gunshots. From what we could, the victim was shot at least once in the head. Police say they're hearing that this may not have been the first argument between the shooter and the victim.

"Witnesses are saying that this green truck supposedly had an altercation with one of the tenants in this complex," said Detective David Vasquez with the Houston Police Department. "I haven't confirmed that, but I'm looking into that right now."

Police say there is very little information about that gunman. Eyewitnesses saw a single Hispanic male in that green Ford F-150 truck. They didn't catch the license plate. It was last seen going northbound on Schuller.

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