Former 'Idol' wanna-be Sanjaya has new gig

COLUMBUS, OH He's in a new ad that's part of the company's "Life Comes at You Fast" campaign. He says he thinks the ad is "really funny" and he knows from personal experience life comes at you fast. He says he went from being an unknown singer to appearing before of millions of people as an "American Idol" contestant, and now he's doing a commercial for Nationwide.

In the ad, Sanjaya visits India to seek advice from a wise man who tells him he needs a retirement plan -- and a haircut. Sanjaya sports a hairstyle similar to the ones he made famous while on "American Idol."

Other celebrities who have poked fun at themselves in the campaign include Kevin Federline, Fabio and MC Hammer.

Remember Sanjaya's faux-hawk? How would that look on you? The Web site allows you to find out. Upload a photo, pick a Sanjaya-inspired hair style, an outfit and an accessory like a guitar or a microphone and see how you'd look. It's sponsored by Nationwide Insurance.

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