Customers fill up with tainted gasoline

HOUSTON It happened at the OST Fuel station Tuesday, but there could be some drivers out there who still may not realize there was a big problem mixed with the gas.

As much rain as we've seen in the past few days, Donald Cunningham never imagined he'd find it in his gas tank. He filled up Tuesday morning on his way to work, but he never made it there.

"By the time I got from here to the freeway my truck was sputtering, wouldn't go over 50 miles an hour," Cunningham said.

Though its pumps are free of rainwater now, the manager of OST Fuel in southeast Houston says water leaked into one or more of the main fuel storage tanks because they weren't sealed properly. Cunningham wasn't the only motorist left stranded for hours.

Customer Carlos Rivera said, "They told us there was water in the gas and that they have to replace all the parts, they cannot just clean up. They have to replace the parts."

One man says the mishap cost his brother $2,200. The fuel injectors in his truck had to be replaced.

While the manager didn't want to go on camera, he insists the owner will cover all repair costs.

Ernest Greer is a mechanic who worked on some of the damaged vehicles. We were there as he came back to OST Fuel to get paid.

"I had a little problem, but we finally got it straightened out thanks to you guys stopping by," Greer said. "Otherwise I wouldn't have had my money."

We checked with the Texas Attorney General's office, and they have not received any complaints against OST Fuel.

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