House fire in The Woodlands claims one life

THE WOODLANDS, TX We're told the son was badly burned during the fire. It happened around 10:30pm Thursday on Hornsilver Place at East Placid Hill.

It's clear the fast-moving fire caused so much damage that there's little of the two-story home left to be saved. For homeowner Morton Parsons the reality of what happened is starting to sink in.

He said, "I guess I'm running on nervous energy or something. What can you do?"

The Parsons family lost their home and a loved one. While Morton, his wife and two sons managed to escape the flames, their 34-year-old son's girlfriend, who was in an upstairs bedroom where the fire started, did not.

"I went to the bedroom door got it open and my son was burned and he came out but the girlfriend did not come out," Parsons recalled.

He says the heat was so intense he couldn't go in the room, as fire engulfed much of the second floor. Firefighters quickly beat back the flames.

Arson teams moved in hours later. They'll spend the day sifting through the charred remains in search of answers.

"Nothing is sticking out at this point, just a routine fire with a tragic fire death," explained Scott Burlin with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office.

Parsons said his 34-year-old son Ross is in stable condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Investigators have not released the name of the victim.

Fire investigators hope to have an idea what caused the fire by Friday afternoon. Much of their investigation is centered on the second-story bedroom where the fire started.

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