Teen gets closer to becoming doctor

HOUSTON Irving Basanez, 19, entered medical school Wednesday night with the rest of the University of Texas Medical School's Class of 2012.

His journey started in elementary school.

"I did a project on what career do you want to be and I said you know I want to be a pediatrician I didn't know anything, I didn't know what the word meant but it sounded cool," he told us.

Basanez' story is outstanding not just for his age but also because he came to America not knowing any English. He finished high school in three years and graduated college in three years.

"Ever since ten years ago I've been wanting to be a doctor and now I'm going to start this career," he said.

During the white coat ceremony Basanez and his classmates took the Hippocratic Oath and received their white coats.

"Putting my white coat will symbolize that next step that I needed to take and having a white coat gives you a lot of responsibility," Basanez said.

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