Vanessa Hudgens slapped with $5M suit

LOS ANGELES, CA Hudgens, one of the stars of Disney's successful "High School Musical" series, entered into an agreement with producer Johnny Vieira when she was still a minor, the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, states. Vieira claims Hudgens and her father, Greg, sued to get out of the agreement, but have also failed to abide by settlement terms.

An e-mail message seeking comment from Hudgens' publicist wasn't immediately returned Tuesday morning.

Vieira is described in the lawsuit as a songwriter and music producer who was "engaged in the business of discovering and developing artists in the music industry" when he entered into an agreement with Hudgens in 2005.

That agreement, Vieira states, called for him to equally share in advances, royalties and merchandising from Hudgens' career.

That was before she landed a starring role in "High School Musical," which is scheduled to release its third installment later this year. She has also released a pair of solo albums.

Vieira claims an audit turned up at least two instances where he is owed money, and that Hudgens, 19, has refused to pay him.

He is also suing Greg Hudgens for defamation, claiming he sent an e-mail to others that accused Vieira of being a "predator."

Hudgens was sued last year by a lawyer who claimed she owed him $150,000. Court records show the lawsuit was settled in January, about a month after a judge ruled that case could go to trial.

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