Couple injured during violent attack

SUGAR LAND, TX It happened in the 2800 block of Grassy Knoll near Highway 6 in Sugar Land. Police say the couple was asleep when the suspects broke in.

Authorities say the two men were wearing masks when they broke into the rear of the home. They held the man and woman at gunpoint. At one point during the home invasion, the husband was pistol-whipped pretty severely. The wife was apparently was assaulted as well.

The men reportedly demanded money and ransacked the home. Before fleeing, they tied the couple up. The wife managed to get free from the ropes about 30 minutes later and called police.

Because of his injuries, the husband had to be taken by Life Flight to the hospital.

Neighbors were shocked to hear the news.

"I'm very upset because this area is very calm. I know because for the last five years, I have lived here and we've never had no problems," said neighbor Abraham Lelippali.

"Speaking with the female victim, she's quite upset of course, trying to get a list of what might or might not have been taken. And that, of course, will give the detectives some leads on where to go with the investigation," said Mark Grothaus with the Sugar Land Police Department.

Police say they believe the couple was targeted but they do believe this incident was isolated.

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