NFL has a new code of conduct for fans

HOUSTON The Texans love their boisterous and loud fans. The louder the better. What they don't like and what the NFL wants to crack down on is rowdy, unruly fans that spoil the gameday fun for others.

"We want to make sure this is an incredibly experience for people and from very beginning, started with fan code of conduct," said Texans Senior Vice President Jamie Rootes.

This week, the NFL released its new league-wide fan code of conduct. The rules are pretty simple:

  • No unruly, disruptive or illegal behavior
  • No drunkenness or signs of alcohol impairment
  • No foul or abusive language
  • No verbal or physical harassment of fans from opposing teams

    The Texans actually have a stadium hotline fans can call or text if you see other fans getting out of hand and taking a cue from soccer, unruly fans are given a yellow card. It has the stadium rules printed on it.

    "Here at Reliant Stadium, you get a yellow card and that's your caution, " said Rootes. "The usher will come down and give it to you. It's a two strikes and you're out policy. Their communication is, 'Hey, you're getting out of hand. Next time, it's not me coming back. It'll be a policeman'."

    The NFL's fan code of conduct is in place to make the gameday experience enjoyable to everyone, from the fans all the way down to the players. They've heard it all.

    "The Oakland Raiders fans may be the meanest and maddest fans," said the Texans' Dunta Robinson. "I don't even know why they come to the games!"

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